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.: [[De]]Bashiix3 Admin Application :.
« on: May 23, 2012, 07:58:51 pm »
Application Format:

Your in-game name:[[De]]Bashiix3 (As it is now, but Im requesting a new name) -See it on the bottom of this topic. -

Your real life age: 14 years old, pretty soon 15.

Your administration experience: I have been admin on many servers. I have also my own server , and I have tried Most of the Admin Systems. So yea, I know very much about several Commands.

How long have you played at the server: Not sure, but I have played on the New DE since the start. and the old one for 2 - 3months.

Where do you live (Country): Norway, TrondHeim.

Why should we choose you: I think you guys should choose me because I'm a Very trustable guy! You can trust me 110% ! I never let anyone down.
I have also very good admin experience, as owner on my own server.

Anything more to say: I really hope you guys choose the right admins for your server :)
Btw, I dont have 25+ posts on the forum yet, but its going to be more posts very soon :)

   [[De]]Kudoz AKA [[De]]Bashiix3 (the new name possibly, if its okay) [name edited by Fyr]

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